Used Items

Below you will find all USED instruments and other equipment available for purchase. All items are second hand or consignment and are sold AS-IS. Please visit our store to make any purchases. Mention this page when you purchase a used instrument to receive a FREE Yamaha Axe Pack!

Ibanez RG220- $179

Roland Cube 20 XL Bass- $175

1951 Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax- $799 Price Drop

Traben 4 String- $275

Chateau Clarinet- $199

Gemeinhardt Flute- $249

Ibanez AFJ91- $499

Sold Items

Cort G200- $99 SOLD!

Ibanez RGA421FM- $349 SOLD!

Squier Mini Strat- $99 SOLD!

Schecter Damien- $299 SOLD!

Roland Cube 15 XL- $40 SOLD!

Dean Z-X – $149 SOLD!

Ibanez AF55- $225 SOLD!

Gemeinhardt Clarinet- $249 SOLD!

On-Stage Concert Bells- $99 SOLD!!

Breedlove Pursuit Nylon- $299 SOLD!

Yamaha FS800- $150 SOLD!!

PRS SE Soapbar II- $350 SOLD!

Prelude Clarinet- $199 SOLD!

Jupiter JAS-869- $695 SOLD!

Cort Action Jr- $100 SOLD!

Antigua Winds Trumpet- $149 SOLD!

Ibanez SR605- $399 SOLD!

Stagg Trumpet- $149 SOLD!

Prelude Clarinet- $199 SOLD!