Parisian in New York

A Parisian in New York, a colorful new ballet reminiscent of the great movie musicals of the 1950s. An original ballet as only Central West Ballet can bring you! Reserve your tickets to this effervescent performance.

Forejour -Tribute to Foreigner and Journey

Forejour pays tribute to the music of ‘80s megabands Foreigner and Journey, recreating the soundtrack of a generation with stunning accuracy. Forejour’s set list includes the 20th century’s most downloaded song, “Don’t Stop Believing,” as well as power ballads such as Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and Journey’s “Faithfully.”

Dinner at 5:00

“Dinner At Five,” but the fun begins after dinner.

Two female friends arrange a dinner party with their husbands, just the four of them. However, the women have something else in mind. They suggest that they liven up their lives by seeing if the grass is truly greener in the other persons house. They decide to switch partners; becoming swinging seniors, “sweniors” … or do they?

Starring Kathy Garver from “Family Affair,” Christopher Knight from “The Brady Bunch,” Caryn Richman from “The New Gidget,” and Larry Thomas from “Seinfeld.”


Zepparella is the all-female Zeppelin Powerhouse. Vocalist Anna Kristina, guitarist Gretchen Menn, bassist Holly West and drummer Clementine have brought their passion for the sacred music of the greatest band in the world all over the US and Canada. Zepparella shows replicate the nuance and detail of Zeppelin’s catalog while honoring the powerful improvisational journeys for which Zeppelin shows were renowned.

Joe Salles Drum Clinic

Come enjoy a clinic with Joe Salles with performance and Q & A session!

Joe Salles was born in Tracy and has lived here most of his life. After auspicious beginnings on guitar (which he never quite achieved any skills) he took up trumpet in the school band and picked up trombone, euphonium, french horn and saxophone fairly easy. It was at this time around 1975-1976 he was given a Reveille 3 piece drum kit on his 10th birthday. Shortly after drum lessons commenced with Ed Janis, from Janis Music Co for a couple of years. Then came the normal amount of bands locally for several years. In 1987, while warming up at his band’s studio at Hayward’s legendary Rehearsal Spot, a chance meeting with Metallica’s James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich (while regrouping after loss of Cliff Burton) started bringing in demo recording work. Early to mid 1990s saw relocation to Lodi CA where teaching studio was set up. Some public access cable TV shows first under Lodi Percussion Workshop then shortened to the title of Percussion Workshop were filmed. Since 2005 after relocation back to Tracy CA started lessons again (which he still teaches in his home studio) both independently and with studios along with drum clinics at various local schools. Area one man gigs have been performed. As of last couple of years, he has recorded online at Focusing also on teaching and clinics. He’s currently an Aquarian Drumheads endorser.

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